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Microsoft Business Applications​

Working with you to unlock your business’ potential, by leveraging Microsoft’s intelligent solutions and providing tailored, modern experiences your customers expect.


Microsoft Dynamics 365

Connecting customers, products, people and data.  Utilising AI to go beyond traditional sales force automation, to build authentic relationships and more effectively engage customers through personalised and actionable insights.

Dynamics 365 transactional applications

To provide your buyers with a unique experience that builds trust, you need to go beyond transactions and interactions.

Strengthen your marketing capabilities, expand sales opportunities and build more rewarding business relationships.

Enable your team to deliver seamless personalised experiences with streamlined data and unified technology.

With the right tool at the right time, dispatch the right resource to deliver exceptional field service.

AI powered Dynamics 365 analytical applications

Combine AI with your seller intuition and experience the art of selling.

Unify customer data from disparate data sources to achieve a single view, unlock insights and drive personalised experience.

Improve customer satisfaction with AI driven insights.

Microsoft Power Platform

A powerful platform to analyse data, build apps and solutions, automate processes and create virtual agents. 

Microsoft Power Platform applications include

Empower your team members with analytics and business intelligence hidden in your data.

Commence building and launching apps quickly from pre-built templates.

  • Power Apps Portals - Enable customers to engage with you via low code public portals
  • Model Driven Apps - Rapidly build low code apps that modernise your business processes
  • Canvas Apps - Quickly build low code apps for mobiles and tablets

Automate everything you can with Power Automate Flows

 Rapidly respond to employee and customer needs using intelligent chatbots.

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The Australian Small Business Champions

The Australian Small Business Champions Awards are an annual all-encompassing awards program which recognises organisations that demonstrate the core values of business innovation, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, experience management and many more.


Indue is a financial service company that controls the backend systems for a lot of credit cards and prepaid card.


Uniscope is a Tokyo-based organisation that specialises in software design, development and services, with more than twenty years experience.

Pure Objective

Pure Objective is an Australian based online retailer that delivers stylish, quality products that are sourced, made and produced through conscious, ethical practises – with the ultimate goal of a sustainable future for all.

Trust The Process

Trust The Process is a business consultancy that helps Australian small business owners increase their profits and reduce costs through streamlining their business, outsourcing repetitive work & implementing virtual assistants.

GRC Solutions

GRC Solutions is a leader in Governance, Risk and Compliance training, assisting organisations to improve their compliance culture. It delivers online training programs that utilise various platforms that require integration.

Farming Together Program – Australian Government Department of Agriculture 

Farming Together, launched in 2016, it supports the $14m+ Australian Federal Government initiative that aims to provide farmers, fishers and foresters with knowledge, skills and materials on collaborative ideas, co-operative structures and collective strategies.

Proposals.GNB – NSW Geographical Names Board

The Geographical Names Board is a statutory authority of the Department of Customer Service New South Wales, and the official body for naming and recording details of places and geographical names in New South Wales, Australia.


Upcover, a 2019 start-up with big plans to disrupt the conventional insurance industry in Australia. With the gig economy as their target market, the brief was to create an online platform and Mobile Application that would make their product accessible and seamless.


Scribbles ems. are known for their passion and commitment to quality care and our educator’s endeavour to enhance all aspects of a child’s development through stimulating, nurturing, and interactive experiences during the most important stage, “the early years”.

My Little Flower Shoppe

 My Little Flower Shoppe is one of Brisbane’s largest online florists selling thousands of dollars of flowers online daily.


Carrott is the micro-savings app that helps you contribute a few additional dollars to paying a bit extra off your mortgage or FEE-HELP. Carrott rounds up any ‘lazy cash’ (loose change) you may have from your everyday purchases, even if it’s just a few cents.

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