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Case Studies

Delivering Seamless UI/UX Design for the Australian Government’s Farming Together Program

Experience Digital assisted the Australian Government of Agriculture with the launch of their Farming Together Initiative through an extensive application build with a core focus on user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design. The user interface design was crucial to the success of the platform launch which would support farmers, fishers and foresters in acquiring essential skills and knowledge to collaborate on ideas and further flourish in their jobs.

Experience Digital is an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner with 10+ years of experience in technology consulting, leveraging customer centricity as one of their main drivers in providing high-quality services. With years of experience in UI/UX design, The Federal Government engaged Experience Digital for the comprehensive platform build, for delivery within a tight timeframe

Due to their extensive experience and time management skills as well as their ability to work collaboratively to understand the core requirements for the project, Experience Digital successfully delivered the project and met a range of positive outcomes. This relationship expanded into future work opportunities as a result of the success of this project.

The Brief

Farming Together, launched in 2016, supported the $14M+ Australian Federal Government initiative that aimed to provide farmers, fishers and foresters with knowledge, skills and materials on collaborative ideas, cooperative structures and collective strategies.

The Australian Federal Government required a platform that allowed for services to be procured by the farmers. A user interface that was age agnostic and provided extremely clear information and pathways for the user to obtain these services was essential to the success of the platform. The functionality had to allow for service providers to register and onboard themselves onto the platform in order for them to provide these services.

Furthermore, a core aspect of functionality associated with recompensation for services provided by the Government as well as the provision of these services had to be encompassed in the design. The user interface had to be light enough to handle all types of internet connections specifically ones that are of lower bandwidth located in the Australian rural outback.

AWS acts as the backbone for this platform and was chosen because of its distributed and service driven architecture. Localised bandwidth was an essential requirement, as well as the ability for locally, geographically cached storage around the country to be utilised through the CloudFront distribution network.

'Experience Digital was awarded the tender because they understood the tight timeframes and the evolving nature of the project. Experience Digital rapidly delivered a full suite, customised Case Management System. In addition, David Theodorou, CEO of Experience Digital and his entire team worked with us in a proactive way, including putting forward a phased delivery strategy that allowed innovation whilst always working within the Program objectives, and contract milestones.''

Sam Muller – Project Director

Our approach

Farming Together approached Experience Digital for software solution services to build a digitally-enabled platform for the site, capable of accessing secure data and analytics for its business requirements. Experience Digital had also proven itself capable of developing user interfaces for all types of users and demographics.

Experience Digital was selected after a competitive tender process and believed their customer centricity gave them a unique competitive edge. To drive home their level of commitment to this project, the team at Experience Digital visited their clients, farmers and users to ensure they were well aligned with the required outcomes of the project. Furthermore, Experience Digital’s capability to deliver projects promptly meant they were well equipped to work inside the tight timeframe of the delivery required for this project.

Experience Digital and Farming Together collaborated on the concept and design of the platform and the product was launched after an intensive 12-week platform build.

Despite the tight timeframe for the complete platform build, Experience Digital’s design and software developer teams worked in collaboration with a wide variety of stakeholders to ensure the seamless user experience aligned with industry best practices.

The Farming Together platform is a comprehensive case management system built upon the Meteor Node.JS Rapid Development Framework. Through an API, the system was able to determine diagnostically the eligibility of an applicant for the program via its website and, if successful, support the applicant’s ‘case’ through to completion.

The outcome

The program has been very successful and has assisted 28,500 primary producers, the development of 57 new co-operatives, the support of over 220 existing cooperatives, provision of advice to more than 254 businesses, the enablement of $2.5m worth of training and education, and the ability to host over 75 co-op events across the country.

These outcomes were facilitated by the capabilities and usability of the platform provided by Experience Digital.

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