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How Gear Tracker leverage IoT solutions to automate their business operations

Gear Tracker is a bespoke monitoring solution for any & every industry that provides the ability to monitor and know exactly where all of your assets are, all of the time. This revolutionary solution-based concept saves time, money plus resources and affords businesses endless opportunities to optimise their operations through the ease of asset tracking.

Gear Tracker made the decision to collaborate with Experience Digital after they heard about the successful work completed with HLP Controls, an Australian testing tech company.

''Gear Tracker is a business that's mobile and innovative, and we needed a partner who works like that to deliver on our website and brand. When we first engaged Experience Digital, we had nothing, and within weeks we had a new brand and website bringing in leads. It's been a fantastic Experience.''

Len Wallace, CEO

Our approach

Experience Digital was thrilled with the opportunity which lied in the challenge of building Gear Tracker’s flagship product. In alignment with Gear Tracker’s principal goal of portability, the solution offered had to provide immense flexibility in order to account for their diverse target audience.

From consultation with the customer, the understanding was to build a web portal providing the ability to log in, view all products and provide logs to view or download. Due to the mobile nature of the business, the requirement for a solid foundational architecture allowing deployment of remote monitoring was paramount. GPS tracking systems utilising 3G & 4G data connections were to be installed and connected to an assortment of commercial materials.

As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner, Experience Digital chose to utilise AWS to build out an IoT solution. Leveraging AWS’ network capability as the core Information Systems application meant there was an opportunity to build an API to engage & interact in real-time with the systems. This could then relay the real-time data to Gear Tracker’s enterprise resource planning system.

The outcome

The scale of primary clientele being medium to enterprise-size businesses, as well as the portable nature of the software were primary considerations within the solution implementation process. The necessity for agility and efficiency were key in this project, which saw Gear Tracker successfully launch their website and portal, gaining the possibility to engage with providers and suppliers.

The solution delivered on the requirement to provide real-time tracking and data analytics of their tracking products. Without the excessive need for human management to manage this aspect of their business operation, Gear Tracker’s expectations were exceeded and they were delighted with the result. The service provided by Experience Digital was commended and as a result, are still being engaged for further incidentals.

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Case Studies

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Case Studies

Here's some of the clients we've worked with in the past.

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