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Case Studies

GRC Solutions

GRC Solutions is a leader in Governance, Risk and Compliance training, assisting organisations to improve their compliance culture. It delivers online training programs that utilise various platforms that require integration. 

GRC Solutions engaged Experience Digital to update the architecture of one of their training platforms that had been in operation for many years and were experiencing technical difficulties – and to do this without impacting the content.

Our approach

During the discovery phase, Experience Digital found that aspects of the technology were unable to be upgraded.  Experience Digital presented to GRC Solutions a number of technology solutions, with associated risks. By examining the underlying technology and its constraints, the Experience Digital team was able to provide a holistic solution to the platform challenges.

The outcome

By providing GRC Solutions with a team of industry experts, Experience Digital was able to provide an analysis of the platform, along with a variety of solutions to resolve the issues.

The Board was capable of making a measured decision that suited the needs of their business and the firm has since implemented and executed the plan. They have continued to maintain their position as a leading provider of training services on an updated platform, without the issues that they were facing when they approached Experience Digital.



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Case Studies

Here's some of the clients we've worked with in the past.


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Case Studies

Here's some of the clients we've worked with in the past.

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