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How implementing an enhanced marketing strategy increased HLP Control’s ROI by 300%

HLP Controls is an Australian-based supplier and manufacturer of industrial testing equipment, supplying everything from food-grade testing thermometers to medical equipment data logging services. As number one in their market segment, they offer significant value to their customer base through custom-designed patented products.

Their mission to help the Australian industry stay compliant with regulatory requirements is underpinned by their delivery of specialised support to their internationally recognised customer base. With their dedicated point of difference established, HLP Controls needed assistance to upgrade their sales and marketing strategies to ensure they were reaching their target audience and were able to enhance their online presence.

''HLP Controls has been a long time supplier of heavy equipment Australia wide, and Experience Digital helped us transition from a traditional sales model to a more online orientated one. We are still working with them today and will continue to work with them, as we always see positive results.''

Liz Wallace, Operations Manager

Our approach

The first step in the process of implementation and upgrade is understanding. Experience Digital’s approach comprised of collaborating with HLP Controls to workshop their desired goals and outcomes. This deep-dive provided a detailed awareness of their business model and strategy as a whole as well as the associated challenges and opportunities. Further to this, a complete data-driven review into their e-commerce store provided a comprehensive understanding of the target market, behaviour and trends.

Equipped with this information, Experience Digital designed a full go-to-market strategy for HLP Controls. Through assessment and identification of current opportunities, Experience Digital was able to harness this information and implement a refreshed end-to-end digital marketing strategy. Driven by the measurable goal to increase ROI, the plan encompassed multiple components which entailed leveraging their current assets and reviewing those which required attention to drive traffic to their website.

The outcome

Experience Digital manages HLP Controls web presence and digital marketing strategy, with a present outcome that has resulted in reducing cost per conversion by 255%. Working closely with HLP Controls to identify new markets has seen a pivoted focus on enhancing their more profitable product lines. Outlining this clear, achievable goal has produced significant monetary results for their business and proved to be a successful strategic move.

In addition, this extensive analysis allowed HLP Controls to focus strongly on establishing their specific value proposition, allowing them to gain a competitive advantage within the industrial industry. Through the delivery of these targeted services, HLP Controls have been able to establish a 3-time ROI on their ad spend, which exceeded their original expectations.

Experience Digital maintains an effective, ongoing relationship with HLP Controls as their business continues to thrive.

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Case Studies

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Case Studies

Here's some of the clients we've worked with in the past.

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