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How a renewed marketing strategy increased Trust The Process’ customer base

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Trust the Process is a business consultancy that helps Australian small business owners increase their profits and reduce costs through systemising their business. They advocate for ‘simplicity through consistency’, achieved by assisting clients in streamlining their business processes and outsourcing repetitive work through the implementation of virtual assistants.

In alignment with their business objectives, Experience Digital was engaged for our expertise in website design. The brief encompassed completely overhauling, rebuilding and redesigning their website to truly communicate their point of differentiation and business value.

“Experience Digital is a company who understands the modern digital business space and works hard at providing effective marketing solutions.”

Peter Liston – Co-Founder

Our approach

During the discovery process, Experience Digital undertook a well-rounded approach to the website design. Prior to commencement, we worked with the Trust The Process team to ensure a deep insight and complete understanding of their key marketing objectives, to ensure we excelled in the delivery of the brief. Throughout this learning, this required workshopping to understand the business model, challenges and opportunities.

As a result, Trust The Process was impressed with the data gathered and took full advantage of the opportunity. The decision was instead made to pivot, undertaking a complete digital marketing approach that encompassed a reworked go-to-market strategy.

This involved delivery of a new website alongside a complete marketing strategy to optimise lead generation, reaping the full benefits of the redesign. Experience Digital’s objective was to ensure integrity in delivering the client’s story whilst maximising inbound opportunities.

Due to the nature of Trust The Process being a relatively new business and their lack of experience in paid advertising – Experience Digital managed this hesitation through a ‘test and learn’ approach. This ensured cost optimisation whilst keeping risk minimal across Google & Facebook Ad marketing campaigns.

Utilising a diverse variety of ad content, creative methods and various audience targeting approaches allowed the team to identify and make offers to more profitable niches.

The outcome

Experience Digital’s test and learn approach assisted the client considerably in gaining insight into new profitable markets for their business. By delving into these markets, Trust The Process was able to generate leads at a lower cost per acquisition. This ultimately assisted in providing an opportunity for further market penetration, assisting the client in reaching their goal of targeting and developing their small business owner customer base.

Trust The Process are proud to report that as a result, after six months of operation following marketing strategy implementation, they have already doubled their initial investment through the leads generated. The results prove to be consistently increasing and Experience Digital and Trust The Process have sustained a beneficial business relationship.

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Case Studies

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Case Studies

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