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Case Studies

How OPEN4’s new software build transformed their business operations

Open4 is the largest independent furniture installation company in Australia, operating throughout the Australia Pacific region. Open4 provide turnkey solutions for project management, warehousing, transport and installation of client supplied furniture, fittings and equipment. With a strong focus on customer service, they have been in business for over 20 years, servicing a range of industries including offices, retail, accommodation, education and healthcare.

Priding themselves on their innovative approach to managing logistics, Open4 utilise progressive thinking to continue to build upon their goal of saving their customers time and money. Their business mentality surrounds the notion of always delivering high-quality service and always abiding by best practices.

Our approach

Before the project, Open4 managed their business via a platform built upon the FileMakerPro system, a cross-platform relational database application, with a primary goal of scaling and eliminating time-consuming manual processes. The application stored data securely with the need for enhancements and modernisation.

Open4 approached Experience Digital with the following requirements; to modernise the application and rebuild with modern architecture. In alignment with Experience Digital business values of communication and collaboration, Experience Digital ran an interactive workshop with Open4 to deeply understand their business requirements as a whole.

From this workshop, the team gathered insights to optimise business processes and improve the architecture. Experience Digital suggested that a complete build of a bespoke warehouse module on top of the existing ERP platform that managed the business would greatly assist Open4 in terms of visibility, cost and time-saving.

This warehouse module would provide an advanced level of functionality for Open4. This involved integrating logistics tracking, warehouse management, staff management, calculations of utilisation by SQM and subsequent charging and invoicing into one operational platform. The platform was built on Amazon Web Services leveraging the Well-Architected Framework which would provide countless benefits including added security, reliability and increased performance efficiency.

The outcome

By taking the approach of collaborative consulting and duplicating their existing system Experience Digital were able to build a system that exceeded Open4’s original requirements.

“We have engaged Experience Digital to assist with the digital transformation of our business operations. They approach every requirement with professionalism and agility, providing innovative solutions that are supported by their solid technical capabilities. A key attribute with Experience Digital is their transparency with their customers, this gives OPEN4 the confidence to deploy a valued product.” – Andrew Ryan, Director of Operations – OPEN4

Since the successful delivery and business-wide implementation of the new software in 2018, Experience Digital has continued to support Open4 through software updates and enhancements. Open4 have further extended upon their business requirements and have consulted Experience Digital for assistance with custom workflows and staging environments.

Experience Digital continues to provide updates and fixes for the platform as well as additionally consulting for Open4’s ongoing business requirements. The implementation of this software has increased Open4’s operational efficiency, automating countless administrative tasks and labour and allowing them to focus on core business strategy.

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Case Studies

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Case Studies

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