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Case Studies

How website optimisation enabled Upflowy to innovate the marketing industry

Upflowy, an Australian B2B SaaS startup personalises the signup flow to maximise conversions. Launched in mid-2020, the founders set out to address challenges they had been constantly faced with in relation to signup workflows, bridging this clear gap in the market. An innovative approach was utilised to simplify the end to end process– allowing more time for other important tasks.

Upflowy gives complete control of the flow, minimising the need and unnecessary IT cost associated with testing state of the art workflows. The platform provides actionable insights, measures these analytics and fosters easy A/B testing allowing the opportunity to personalise capabilities.

Our approach

Upflowy approached Experience Digital for our expertise in website management and development. Upflowy were looking to grow fast, with the idea to pitch to a global early-stage VC in the coming months and tasked the team to design a website that aligned with their requirements. Intending to design, develop and launch a website that would enhance online presence, the necessity for a leading service provider with a strong reputation in this field was key to the successful project.

With this in mind, the Experience Digital team designed an MVP and complete go-to-market strategies, encompassing a clear plan to drive traffic to their website. This was achieved through complete conceptualisation, design and consistent collaboration, encouraging the customer’s feedback and involvement in shaping the overall outcome.

“As a business owner and investor myself, I can wholly empathize with the importance of having a strong front-facing website in the lead up to a funding pitch. Working with the Upflowy team allowed for a great opportunity to collaborate and provide additional guidance throughout their early stages.

– Dave Theodorou, Experience Digital Executive

The outcome

Likened to Upflowy’s rationale, efficiency was key in executing this project, which was delivered to the team meeting all requirements on the website build, deployment and support throughout. Allowing them to confidently operate with a fine-tuned website, the Upflowy team were incredibly satisfied with the outcome of this brief. The end-to-end strategic implementation approach greatly assisted Upflowy from a marketing perspective, exceeding all their expectations.

Upflowy received the opportunity to connect with the early-stage VC, and as a result, gained a high level of exposure. With website traffic quickly increasing, the Upflowy team greatly appreciated the extra support throughout the project as their business continues to grow.

“Our visitor traffic to the marketing website continues to grow and it’s all thanks to the Experience Digital website build project. The entire process from contract discussions, onboarding, deliverables and deployment were seamless and professional. The additional support and guidance from the experts were thorough helping with our growth as a business.”

– Guillaume Ang, Upflowy Cofounder

The Experience Digital team were pleased to play a part in the inevitably large growth trajectory of Upflowy.

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Case Studies

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Case Studies

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