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Case Studies


Indue is a financial services company that controls the backend systems for numerous credit cards and prepaid cards. Indue assists customers and clients implement gift card programs, augment client offerings with credit or debit cards, or outsource a fully-featured payment solution.

Indue reached out to the Experience Digital team for their expertise in prototyping and to develop and launch a sophisticated, secure payment platform.


''When pioneering our business towards a new opportunity that came up with a tier-one customer, We approached Experience Digital to help us build out a user experience that set the bar in terms of a design language that would help us impress. Needless to say, our delivery was well received, and we ended up winning the contract thanks to the assistance of the best-in-class Experience Digital design team.''

Matt Adney – General Manager

Our approach

Experience Digital was asked to partner with Indue to complete the design work for one of their main products. They contracted the Experience Digital team to help them conceptualise and modernise their product viability.

Once the product had been workshopped and conceptualised in collaboration with Indue and the Experience Digital team, the prototype was mapped and designed with the entire user interface integrating the white label system. It was required to incorporate a configuration from multiple consumers i.e. Coles, JB HiFi and Westpac.

The outcome

Experience Digital’s design of the user interface was a success.

Indue launched the product to the market with a successful response from their consumers and continues to utilise the UI.  The work that the Experience Digital team completed has also added value to the user experience by providing members access through a secure login portal with payment management systems including pre-paid cards and account details.

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Case Studies

Here's some of the clients we've worked with in the past.


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Case Studies

Here's some of the clients we've worked with in the past.

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