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Case Studies

Implementing innovative ideas for Indue through prototyping

Indue is a financial services company that controls the backend systems for numerous credit cards and prepaid cards. Operating for more than 50 years, Indue boasts an extensive and reputable customer base, as a market leader within the financial services industry.

Indue serves to assist customers and clients when implementing gift card programs, augmenting client offerings with credit or debit cards, or outsourcing a fully-featured payment solution.

Indue were drawn to Experience Digital due to our extensive expertise in prototyping. They needed assistance to design and launch a sophisticated, secure payment platform for a client.

''When pioneering our business towards a new opportunity that came up with a tier-one customer, We approached Experience Digital to help us build out a user experience that set the bar in terms of a design language that would help us impress. Needless to say, our delivery was well received, and we ended up winning the contract thanks to the assistance of the best-in-class Experience Digital design team.''

Matt Adney – General Manager

Our approach

Experience Digital was presented with the opportunity to partner with Indue on this project. Encompassing the complete design, develop and implement a new, secure product solution – the team were thrilled at the chance to exercise our experience in the realm of prototyping.

The project involved conceptualising and modernising their product, which was expected to exceed expectations in terms of user experience. The user interface design had to clearly reflect this, ready to present to Indue’s prestigious client.

The key to success in prototyping is consistent collaboration & workshopping. In order to ensure the product’s functionality and requirements are understood and capable of being delivered – communication is key. Experience Digital worked closely with Indue to map and design the interface, integrating the white label system.

The requirement clearly outlined the need for configuration from multiple consumers including Coles, JBHiFi & Westpac. To incorporate this necessity, prototyping played a key role in the iteration process, ensuring full integrative functionality.

The outcome

Experience Digital’s user interface design was extremely successful. Through prototyping, the system was iterated and then successfully presented with an exceedingly positive response. Indue was thrilled with the outcome, securing the large contract as a result of the implementation of the platform.

Indue launched the product to the market with their consumers continuing to utilise the platform, noting the impressive user interface as key to its success. Experience Digital clearly delivered on the brief design-wise, but furthermore in terms of functionality. Members now have the ability to securely access pre-paid cards and account details via the portal into their payment management system.

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Case Studies

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Case Studies

Here's some of the clients we've worked with in the past.

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