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Silk Hospitality

Silk Hospitality  is an outsource housekeeping business that has been built from a desire of giving the hotel industry quality and comprehensive service. It started from humble beginnings back in the early 1990’s and have been rapidly growing ever since.

Originally Silk approached Experience Digital with a challenge that many businesses face: “Growing pains” – as you grow, so must your infrastructure. Silk’s growth was so rapid that it began to affect its internal systems.

''Experience Digital's differentiator is the collaborative and partnership approach they take - its why we continue to work with them.'' Founder, Lauren Knee

Our approach

As Silk Hospitality’s business saw increasing growth, they started to accumulate significant tech-debt. With undocumented work, the Experience Digital team was tasked with taking over the project and undertaking the expansion of the business capability.

The in-house development team began with a comprehensive code edit and risk profile for the software. This was for the outdated integration and the unsecure frameworks in the platform that needed to be upgraded.

Silk took this information on board and they began a year-long process of upgrading the system progressively through an agile process. Further models were outlined to expand software capability.




The outcome

Silk Hospitality’s strong client base coupled with a now more effective and efficient system has resulted in a 30 fold increase to the businesses production.

Experience Digital has a strong relationship with Silk Hospitality and continues to work with them on an ongoing basis.

This client used the following services.

Data and Analytics

For organisations trying to keep pace in their sector and/or trying to extract maximum value from their investments, developing a sound data strategy is becoming a critical priority.

Prototypes and Proof of Concepts

To gain value from the implementation of innovative ideas, Experience Digital works with you to refine your concepts and develop prototypes quickly and affordably without disrupting business as usual.

Technology Consulting and Professional Services

Whether your organisation has seasoned digital experts that need a hand, or if your organisation is setting out to embrace the latest technology and methodologies our team can help.

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