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Uniscope is a Tokyo-based organisation that specialises in software design, development and services, with more than twenty years experience.

Since 1989, they are well-known for designing and building document information management systems, predominantly in sophisticated industries such as Aviation. Uniscope builds software platforms that manage documentation and manuals for commercial airlines and their products.

Over time, Uniscope’s systems had become outdated and they needed to update their systems quickly to adhere to the fast-paced industry expectations. These adjustments required expert knowledge and attention, given that major changes to the back-end architecture were out of the equation.



Our approach

Experience Digital was referred to Uniscope to modernise the platform that they were managing their systems on. The requirement to update the user interfaces to optimise the experience at the front-end, without impacting the architecture of the back-end, posed challenges for the team.

Uniscope and the Experience Digital development team workshopped the user experience and determined that the more efficient approach would include modernising the javascript library in the existing tech-stack. Our designer worked on the front-end delivery for the consumer’s experience to be more efficient and fluid, while implementation of the angular.js library was required.

The outcome

The work that Experience Digital delivered resulted in a user-friendly and efficient system that could be utilised on a regular basis. Due to the sophisticated build in both the front and back-end, Uniscope is capable of providing a positive user experience to their clients in the aerospace industry. 

The re-build and upgrade of their systems has provided the solution to their current challenges, improved the viability of the system and set the foundations for their future long-term solutions.

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Case Studies

Here's some of the clients we've worked with in the past.


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Case Studies

Here's some of the clients we've worked with in the past.

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