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Upcover, a 2019 start-up with big plans to disrupt the conventional insurance industry in Australia. With the gig economy as their target market, the brief was to create an online platform and Mobile Application that would make their product accessible and seamless.

The scope of work required Experience Digital to provide end-to-end development and implementation to meet an aspirational 2020 goal. This included launching their product for use, offering the fast-paced gig economy the option of tailored, affordable and simple insurance, on the go.

''Experience Digital has been an exceptional partner to Upcover and is helping build our MVP insurance application to launch into the market.'' Co-Founder & CEO, Skye Theodorou

Our approach

Experience Digital accepted the challenge to bring this vision to life by presenting and converting Upcover’s concepts into a fully visual mobile app and web experience.

Experience Digital provided ongoing deep-dive consultations on the initial product idea, revenue model and engagement plan, as well as conceptualising and building a prototype. Its software developers, together with its in-house graphic design team, successfully built a minimum viable product ready to go-to-market.




The outcome

By mid-2020, Upcover will be capable of providing its products to customers, such as gig workers in delivery and ride-share who have the capability of accessing instant quotes and subscription-based insurances in real-time, with no fuss – all on their mobile devices.

Experience Digital and UpCover have an ongoing relationship.



This client used the following services.

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