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Case Studies wanted to provide a personal technical concierge for business owners or managers, giving them the service to migrate their business processes online, fast.

The vision was to provide a service with expert support and assistance in implementing projects and employee management tools such as remote access to emails, calendars as well as video conferencing, password management, and time tracking. The ultimate goal was to assist in the merging of the physical office and the ability to work via remote teams with access to all communication with employees and clients, organise and keep track of scheduled meetings.

''The Experience Digital team were responsible for getting the platform designed and up and running for us within a very tight deadline for launch. The team understood what we needed, were incredibly easy to deal with and delivered what we needed within budget - highly recommend.'' General Manager, Katherine Burnett

Our approach

During the initial consultation and discovery process, Experience Digital engaged with team to understand their business model, challenges & opportunities.

After the initial review, Experience Digital’s main objective was to establish a performance profile to ensure they did what was best aligned with’s business model. This is a Web-based business, so the team were asked to scope a UX for the platform and the creation of new features, including the integration of subscription-based payment structure and live chat mechanism.

The outcome

Having been able to apply a leading technology team and their commercial experience, the Experience Digital product development team was able to clearly provide the options available to and the relative merits of each option.

Experience Digital provided a recommendation, which was adopted by There has since been a very positive outcome, including increased traffic to the site with positive feedback from all stakeholders.

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Case Studies

Here's some of the clients we've worked with in the past.


Uniscope is a Tokyo-based organisation that specialises in software design, development and...

Case Studies

Here's some of the clients we've worked with in the past.

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