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How Modern Technology is Driving the Future of Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing Technology


The manufacturing industry includes a broad range of businesses varying in size, from small manufacturers producing limited quantities of items to multi-national organisations involved in the large-scale production of manufactured goods. This industry encompasses manufacturers of food and beverages to textiles, chemical manufacturing and even heavy machinery. 

As an industry, manufacturing contributes around $100 billion to the Australian GDP annually (ABS, 2020). Thus, an industry with such varying degrees of complexity, breadth and scale is one that seeks to maximise the broad benefits of cloud technologies. Regardless of the end product, commonly faced challenges experienced within the manufacturing industry include innovation, risk management, operational efficiency and cost optimisation, remaining sustainable and time to market. 

How technology assists this industry 

Technology seeks to drive the future of the manufacturing industry, with opportunities available to completely transform their processes. More organisations are beginning to explore advanced manufacturing technology solutions as a bid to curb declines in trajectory as a result of global environmental factors.

An analysis of data from World Bank in 2018 suggested that the adoption of new technology has been a keystone in assisting Australia’s manufacturing sector, not only economically but through the creation of 1.27 million jobs as a result of manufacturing technologies.

As technology fuels innovation, 3D printing, artificial intelligence (AI), material engineering and the internet of things (IoT) have the power to completely overhaul the landscape of the manufacturing sector. Increasing productivity and advancing knowledge leads to the creation of entirely new business models, presenting countless new opportunities for growth.

To succeed in technological innovation within the manufacturing industry, manufacturers must transform the way they run their businesses to keep up with emerging businesses making waves within the sector. Well-established companies can benefit from the notion of reinvention through investment in automation, advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence. 

Our Capability

AWS has a broad set of purpose-built solutions to drive efficiency in the manufacturing industry, designed to streamline supply chain issues, automate outdated processes, lower costs and enhance security. Thanks to AWS, the vision of complete digital transformation within manufacturing is within reach, driving the notions of smart manufacturing and ‘smart factories’.

Built around the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning (AI/ML) and IoT, capability lies within unlocking data from current infrastructure to optimise manufacturing operations and improve productivity. Enhance the security of data through building a robust disaster recovery plan as well as the safety of your workforce by regularly monitoring and automating safety processes.

In relation to climate change, migrating to the AWS cloud is becoming an increasingly enticing option, both in terms of cost and sustainability. Not only does the migration come with a saving of up to 40% on the total cost in ownership (TCO), but also reduces energy consumption and associated carbon emissions by nearly 80%. 

With a diverse range of success stories within the manufacturing and industrial industries, AWS has proven capability in delivering long-term sustainable options to organisations seeking digital transformation. Combined with Experience Digital’s 10+ years of experience helping businesses thrive in the digital era, operational efficiency is within reach for your organisation. 

How we can help

Having worked with an array of organisations varying in size and specialty, Experience Digital has broad experience in implementing digital solutions, whether that be cloud migration, IoT or AI/ML. Experience Digital built Gear Tracker’s flagship product, powered by IoT and cloud technology which provided real-time tracking, increasing operational efficiency and productivity.

Reach out today to chat about how we can assist your organisation leverage manufacturing technologies to drive profitable growth. Increase efficiency and productivity and future-proof your business by leveraging the power of AWS’ powerful technologies and available funding options.

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