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How Retailers are Turning to Technology to Deliver Personalised Customer Experiences

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The world of eCommerce has gained significant favourability over the past decade as retailers turn to technology to deliver innovative, personalized customer experiences. As customer expectations rise and economic & environmental factors impact customers’ ability to shop in-store, many retailers have taken the leap online to deliver unified omnichannel experiences. 

Retail commerce brands need to continue to develop and evolve their strategies to ensure progression in today’s technologically-driven society. Nowadays, customers hold the power over when, where, and how they acquire goods and services – leaving retailers that are unable to pivot online and deliver competitive offerings behind. Integrating the power of digital technologies with brick-and-mortar stores is becoming increasingly advantageous for retailers to remain relevant and increase the reach, and therefore profitability, of their business.

How technology assists the retail industry 

According to Infosys, lack of technology is the most common factor (38%) preventing retailers from creating a more integrated experience. Connectivity has the opportunity to empower retailers in terms of scalability, operational efficiency, risk minimisation, and ultimately improved customer experience. 

By leveraging the power of data & analytics and automation, customer journeys are personalised, insights are improved and engagement is elevated. This is becoming increasingly important with 59% of shoppers who experienced personalization in retail citing that it directly influenced their purchasing decisions. 

The breadth of use cases for digital technology in the retail sector continues to grow alongside customer demands, with AI/ML solutions accelerating supply chain improvement through advanced demand forecasting and category management capability. Additionally, with 24% of cyberattacks targeting retailers, AWS offers purpose-built tools to increase cyber awareness and mitigate risks, and a range of other solutions to accelerate innovation within the retail industry.

Our Capability 

With AWS’ ‘Born from Retail’ mentality, merged with their extensive experience in driving innovation as a leader in cloud technology, they have a strong track record in customer success specifically in the retail sector. From startups to large-scale enterprises, AWS offers a range of diverse, powerful solutions to power the future of commerce, you can browse them here.

As an innovative technology services company that specialises in cloud technology, Experience Digital has extensive experience leveraging cloud services for retail businesses. Having helped multiple customers transform their B2C strategy, build and optimise their online stores and harness the immense power of their customer’s data, Experience Digital deliver a personalised approach to their customers. 

How we can help 

Experience Digital has assisted multiple customers to drive customer satisfaction and retention through leveraging cloud technology. Pure Objective drastically reduced its overhead costs by undertaking a full platform analysis and subsequent rebasing, allowing them to deliver a seamless and consistent experience for its online customer base. Experience Digital also assisted retailer Global Surf Industries to migrate to the cloud to keep up with their growing global demand. If you need guidance on how to navigate the online retail space or need to strategise on how to elevate your customer experience whilst reducing costs, reach out today to book your free discovery call. Let’s chat about the available funding options and AWS’ best-suited solutions for your business.

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