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How Technology is Revolutionising the Future of Healthcare

healthcare and medical technology innovation


Technology is shaping the future of the medical and healthcare industries, with the vast power and scale of innovation often underestimated. Embracing advances in digital healthcare technologies such as AI, 3D printing, robotics and nanotechnology is crucial in completely transforming the way that healthcare is delivered. With the shift to digitisation, keeping the patient at the centre of healthcare is paramount to ensure sensitivity in regard to health data security.  

As one of the most heavily-regulated industries, keeping up with innovation is more a necessity than a choice now for most organisations. With the increased risk of cybersecurity breaches sitting at 22% for the medical sector (according to the Australian Government’s Notifiable Data Breaches Report 2020), it is absolutely imperative to protect patient data. Moreover, data optimisation to increase the availability of patient access is becoming an expectation from healthcare providers to ensure a seamless experience across the lifecycle of their patient care.

How technology assists this industry 

The use case for how technology can transform the delivery of digital healthcare services is clear. Following on from the pandemic, there’s a greater expectation for high-quality care as well as its availability. In order to service a larger number of patients, health care organisations are quickly adapting to the digital-first landscape in order to drive innovation.

Better communication, higher productivity and improved patient outcomes are at the centre of the outcome of digitally transforming healthcare and are achieved through leveraging the power of a range of technologies. From implementing cybersecurity measures such as Ransomware Protection and Backup Recovery to utilising Machine Learning (M/L) to extract valuable medical data, the opportunities are widespread. 

Further to this, organisations of all sizes can benefit from improved operational efficiency through automating administrative processes and easier collaboration through promoting an integrated approach to patient care which results in better patient outcomes. AWS has an extensive range of industry-leading solutions that empower organisations to operate efficiently and for less. 

Our Capability

With over a decade of skill in driving digital transformation, Experience Digital extends this into the healthcare sector to improve their customer’s ability to deliver exceptional patient outcomes. By leveraging the power of AWS’ innovative services, Experience Digital accelerate innovation in healthcare. With use cases extending to electronic health records, medical imaging and healthcare analytics, Experience Digital leverage an array of AWS purpose-built solutions to promote innovation. 

How we can help 

Operating as a highly innovative, forward-thinking organisation, MedHealth is a broad set of industry-leading health, medical, and employment brands in the government and private health sector designed to deliver the best possible health and employment outcomes. They engaged Experience Digital to develop its purpose-built online assessment tool, Positivum, to broaden the reach of its healthcare services. 

With Experience Digital’s core value of customer-centricity, combined with their extensive experience in cloud migration and web application builds, it was a no-brainer to collaborate. Positivum is an example of where the health industry has further adopted serverless architecture driving business practices, with a 100% successful shift to the use of the digitized tool. 

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