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Data and Analytics

For organisations trying to keep pace in their sector and/or trying to extract maximum value from their investments, developing a sound data strategy is becoming a critical priority.

For organisations trying to keep pace in their sector and/or trying to extract maximum value from their investments, developing a sound data strategy is becoming a critical priority.

Data is a key asset in the modern organisation. Its importance and the potential for complexity when it comes to data means you can only depend on true data expertise. We have true data specialists – responsible for massive data projects with some of the biggest names in Australia – Medicare, NAB, Australia Post.
We’ll help you develop a strategy, we’ll help you undertake migration, we’ll help you integrate legacy data with other data – but most importantly we’ll help you to make the most of the data you hold and the information it holds.

⦁ Data Strategy Development and Implementation
⦁ Architecture
⦁ Storage/Warehousing
⦁ Advanced Analytics – Advanced analytic software allows machines to identify patterns hidden in massive data flows or documents. This machine “intelligence” means that a wider range of knowledge tasks may be automated at lower cost
⦁ Integration
⦁ Legacy Data Migration/Recovery
⦁ Experience in Grow, Domo and Tableau

We've provided this service to the following clients...


Farming Together Program – Australian Government Department of Agriculture 

Farming Together, launched in 2016, it supports the $14m+ Australian Federal Government initiative that aims to provide farmers, fishers and foresters with knowledge, skills and materials on collaborative ideas, co-operative structures and collective strategies.

Gear Tracker

Gear Tracker is a bespoke monitoring solution for just about every industry giving you the ability to monitor and know exactly where all of your assets are, all of the time.

Local Business Awards

The NSW Local Business Awards is a 25-year-old local area Awards program that has been recognising New South Wales local businesses for their hard work and growth each year.


MedHealth.  Is a purpose-built collection of health, medical and employment brands. They  have a diverse set of capabilities that range from mental health, Telehealth to there online assessments service Positivum.

My Little Flower Shoppe

 My Little Flower Shoppe is one of Brisbane’s largest online florists selling thousands of dollars of flowers online daily.


RapidID is an Australian company specialising in online ID verification.  RapidID’s services offer near-instantaneous access to 65 billion identity records from 180 countries, giving clients the power to quickly and confidently evaluate nearly anyone’s identity.

Silk Hospitality

Silk Hospitality  is an outsource housekeeping business that has been built from a desire of giving the hotel industry quality and comprehensive service. It started from humble beginnings back in the early 1990’s and have been rapidly growing ever since.


Strawman is Australia’s premier online investment club. Using exclusive research management and networking tools, it has a community of investors that collaborate to deliver independent, accountable and actionable sharemarket research and recommendations.

The Australian Small Business Champions

The Australian Small Business Champions Awards are an annual all-encompassing awards program which recognises organisations that demonstrate the core values of business innovation, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, experience management and many more.

Trust The Process

Trust The Process is a business consultancy that helps Australian small business owners increase their profits and reduce costs through streamlining their business, outsourcing repetitive work & implementing virtual assistants.


Upcover, a 2019 start-up with big plans to disrupt the conventional insurance industry in Australia. With the gig economy as their target market, the brief was to create an online platform and Mobile Application that would make their product accessible and seamless.

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