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Cloud Infrastructure

While building your software platform may be handled in house, releasing it and putting it on the cloud requires an entirely separate skill set. At Experience Digital, we have 10+ years of experience managing cloud-based infrastructures and utilising the latest innovations in cloud-based technology.

Our team consists of certified Microsoft, Google and AWS engineers who can build self-healing, scalable and cost-effective infrastructure solutions on the cloud for you. Our team is highly experienced in designing, implementing and refining DevOps and Cloud strategy and we strive to strengthen your operations through Cloud environment management and Cloud optimisation solutions that meet your individual business needs.

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How Cloud Infrastructure Adds Value

The security and cost advantages of cloud computing offer a compelling case for cloud adoption and our team has a depth of expertise in designing, deploying and managing cloud-based infrastructures that are agile, flexible and scalable.

Cloud-based infrastructures can greatly reduce operational issues and boost collaboration within teams, allowing your organisation to focus less on IT and more on the business that matters to you.


We Support You In All Stages Of Cloud Infrastructure
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Cloud Services

If your organisation is planning on adopting cloud-based infrastructure, we can offer a comprehensive analysis of your needs and deliver a strategy that will ensure your cloud journey is smooth and seamless.
By configuring, monitoring and optimising your Cloud environment, our experienced team takes care of your cloud infrastructure so that you can focus on your business.
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By identifying and consolidating unattached or idle resources, our expert team can optimise your Cloud environment and infrastructure, ultimately increasing Cloud performance and maximising operational efficiency.
Our team consists of over 30 accredited experts in leading cloud technology vendors. With a Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD) focus, we have vast experience building smart deployment pipelines, testing pipelines as Infrastructure as Code (IaC) that we can build and teach you to manage in the future.

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