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Internet of Things (IoT)

Experience Digital uses cutting edge Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and services to build intelligent, secure, and future proof IoT implementations.

Experience Digital provides IoT consulting with technology to automate and improve business operations. With 10+ years of experience, we assist with IoT strategy, implementation and enhancements to create or evolve your IoT solution. IoT brings intelligence and automation to internet-connected devices to complete everyday tasks without human intervention. By creating unimagined possibilities to make sense of the world remotely, fine-tune processes and manage operations from afar.

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How IoT Technology Adds Value

Experience Digital is committed to the highest level of quality management, information security management systems and provides consultancy on the following areas; ideation, planning, implementation, support and maintenance of IoT business solutions.


We Support You In All Stages Of Your IoT Strategy

We work with organisations to launch an IoT journey suited to your needs from IoT gaps, end-to-end projects and everything in between. Our IoT team will assist in creating the best of new technological opportunities and build this alongside your business strategy.

  • Plan an IoT solution aligned with business objectives:

    We work together to understand your business needs and objectives to build your future IoT solution.

  • Prepare IoT solution requirements:

    We build a comprehensive description of an IoT solution based on the necessary stakeholders involved in the project; environmental, legal, regulators, and more.

  • Develop an IoT solutions roadmap:

    We turn the IoT plan into the deliverable tasks and outline a structured visual representation of the full timeline for implementation.

  • Design an IoT architecture:

    We map an expansible IoT architecture to support your business objectives based on your IoT solution requirements.

  • Choose an appropriate technology stack:

    We outline reliable technologies to address your business needs for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

    Select hardware for an IoT solution or create a specification for hardware engineering.

  • Develop an IoT security strategy:

    We provide security at every IoT ecosystem level.

  • Implement PoC (Proof of Concept):

    We create a simplified prototype of the IoT solution to validate the effectiveness of your business’ architecture ensuring it’s in line with the business approach.

  • IoT project management:

    We provide thorough and сonsistent reporting on the project status, including; resource workload, track expenses, coordinate the development process, and providing end-to-end process transparency.

  • Team augmentation with IoT-specific technical knowledge and skills:

    We provide quality and expertise in big data, IT security, AI, and more throughout the project.

  • Hardware selection, design and development:

    We outline options or create custom IoT devices.

  • IoT data analytics implementation:

    We introduce an analytics solution to process the collected data from the IoT sensors and gather fact-based insights.

  • End-to-end or part IoT development:

    We deliver the whole IoT end-to-end solution or take on parts of the implementation.

    Select hardware for an IoT solution or create a specification for hardware engineering.

  • Solve problems with an existing IoT solution:

    We work with your business to understand any gaps and help to promote maintenance costs, functional and/or security issues and effectiveness.

  • Plan and complete an IoT solution transformation:

    We assist in improving the solution’s architecture, enhancing functional capabilities, fixing defects, and more.

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There’s A Wide Range of IoT Services And Applications

The team at Experience Digital are solutions-driven and ready to bring in our wealth of knowledge, experience to assist organisations in the planning and execution of IoT.

Industrial standard protocols ensure data is reliably communicated to the cloud, wired or wirelessly, from millions of devices simultaneously.
Sensor data stored offsite, replicated and shared with monitoring services can be enriched with data from other sources
Make your data work for you to allow for informed interpretation and more efficient implementations.
User interfaces that allow monitoring of the state of large scale systems provide feedback to allow human decisions based on machine intelligence
Allows for remote communication to devices to avoids stepping foot on-site for updates, device management and diagnostics
Raw, cleaned and filtered data from multiple sources can be stored and continuously analysed with diagnostics and alarms pushed to monitoring dashboards
Storing, retrieving and communicating data opens the door for interception and attacks. Defensive protocols prevent this and alert the right people in the event of an attack.
We Know How To Determine Critical Challenges

We leverage our knowledge and skillset to providing solutions to address the ever so critical IoT planning challenges. From our experience;

Complications in aligning business processes with an IoT solution(s)

We help with the understanding around how IoT can fix a business issue, how it affects organisations IT and business outcomes, and improve how employees work.

Delicate road-mapping to evolve technology markets and business models

Business models are not static, nor is the technology market. To ensure your IoT solution adapts to changes, we complete comprehensive planning and build off our proven formulas. Iterative planning helps us ensure tangible project deliveries with every implementation, whilst staying up-to-date with the technological market.

Keeping IoT projects on track

Timeframes can be difficult to adhere to if project scopes or escalations happen. We align all tasks to a project management tracker and provide a well-structured IoT solution. This is to balance ROI and promote accountability to the implementation schedule plan. Together with the customer we determine priorities, milestones and build a project timeline. Our team will work on the project with Agile methodology which allows all involved to stick to the defined milestones and avoid unplanned scope creep.

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