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Next Generation Managed Services Provider

Traditional managed service provision was primarily focused on keeping physical servers and related equipment operating.

Traditional managed service provision was primarily focused on keeping physical servers and related equipment operating. It was often centred on physical centres full of hardware that needed to be named, installed and managed through its life-cycle by an outsourced vendor, who often did not understand what role those servers play in an organisation’s operations. The scale of the selected hardware – whether too big and costly, or too small and constraining performance – were a characteristic that people just had to accept.

All that has changed with the cloud.

The focus with cloud technology has shifted to partnering with a trusted advisor/partner who will work with your team to architect and automate a cloud technology solution design for your specific needs that is self-healing, distributed and generally software-driven. The limits of the physical world have disappeared, auto-scaling and elasticity are the hallmarks of cloud based technology.

⦁ Cloud Strategy and Architecture
⦁ Cloud Migration
⦁ DevOps and DevOps-as-a-Service
⦁ Full Stack Technology Delivery with Operations Management and Support
⦁ Cloud Environment Support and Maintenance

We've provided this service to the following clients...


Gear Tracker

Gear Tracker is a bespoke monitoring solution for just about every industry giving you the ability to monitor and know exactly where all of your assets are, all of the time.

Global Surf Industries

Global Surf Industries, the world’s largest surfboard manufacturer, approached Experience Digital after problems were identified with their ageing traditionally hosted technology infrastructure.


MedHealth.  Is a purpose-built collection of health, medical and employment brands. They  have a diverse set of capabilities that range from mental health, Telehealth to there online assessments service Positivum.

My Little Flower Shoppe

 My Little Flower Shoppe is one of Brisbane’s largest online florists selling thousands of dollars of flowers online daily.


RapidID is an Australian company specialising in online ID verification.  RapidID’s services offer near-instantaneous access to 65 billion identity records from 180 countries, giving clients the power to quickly and confidently evaluate nearly anyone’s identity.


Upcover, a 2019 start-up with big plans to disrupt the conventional insurance industry in Australia. With the gig economy as their target market, the brief was to create an online platform and Mobile Application that would make their product accessible and seamless.

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