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Prototypes and Proof of Concepts (PoC)

Experience Digital works with forward-thinking organisations to develop, refine and validate Proof of Concepts, allowing businesses to reap the rewards of innovative ideas. With our support, businesses can drive towards growth with robust concepts and promising prototypes developed efficiently, affordably and without disruption to business as usual.

Our expert team will examine your vision from all angles, prioritising a seamless user experience, before delivering a detailed plan for implementation. Building on these insights, we support businesses through prototype design, verifying functionality and prioritising a user-centric experience.

Delivering support beyond launch, we continue to support you in evolving features and functionality, ensuring that your product matches the growth of your business.

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How Prototypes and PoC Adds Value

Our expert team is here to assist you every step of the way. With our support, you can interrogate the validity of your ideas and develop the best conceivable product that will elevate your business.

Developing proof of concepts and prototypes is cost-effective, fast and efficient and we prioritise a smooth and seamless transition to market with products that impress stakeholders and meet the needs of loyal and new customers.


We Support You In All Stages Of Prototypes and Proof of Concepts (PoC)
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We work with startups and mature businesses to develop minimum viable products (MVP) ready to take to market and validate their business propositions.

Our product experts will assist you to refine your ideas and create plans to bring these to life.
Our team of talented developers will build your prototype, within budget and on time.
Once the product or service is operational, we continue to work with you through iteration and evolution stages.
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If you are seeking to incorporate innovative solutions within your business, we can manage the end to end solution, from ideation to iteration once the product is created.

Whether you come to us with an existing idea or a problem you want to solve, we can assist. Our product team uses an innovative ‘startup’ approach that will dive into your needs and find the best solutions for you.
Getting a deeper understanding of the challenges your organisation is looking to solve. It provides us with an opportunity to present ideas of what the possible solutions might be. We then work with you to determine the best solution and define the approach.
The next stage is to cost-effectively develop the minimum viable product (MVP) that will include core functionality to enable testing.
We will work with you to adjust the solution or service for continuous improvement based on feedback.

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