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Prototypes and Proof of Concepts

To gain value from the implementation of innovative ideas, Experience Digital works with you to refine your concepts and develop prototypes quickly and affordably without disrupting business as usual.

We work with organisations that have great ideas. Great ideas, once realised, can deliver massive value.

It is often risky, costly and time-consuming to fully realise an idea.
We work with organisations to prove that an idea is valid, and that it is worthy of further investment.

Often, great ideas benefit from their speed to market – we offer speedy delivery to reduce service development time.

We understand that some of our clients want to create something completely new and we are often employed to create a digital product for a brand-new venture a company is starting.

⦁ Start-up Software Development
⦁ Product Development for Established Businesses
⦁ MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Development
⦁ Innovation Lab Partner

We've provided this service to the following clients...



Carrott is the micro-savings app that helps you contribute a few additional dollars to paying a bit extra off your mortgage or FEE-HELP. Carrott rounds up any ‘lazy cash’ (loose change) you may have from your everyday purchases, even if it’s just a few cents.

Farming Together Program – Australian Government Department of Agriculture 

Farming Together, launched in 2016, it supports the $14m+ Australian Federal Government initiative that aims to provide farmers, fishers and foresters with knowledge, skills and materials on collaborative ideas, co-operative structures and collective strategies.

GRC Solutions

GRC Solutions is a leader in Governance, Risk and Compliance training, assisting organisations to improve their compliance culture. It delivers online training programs that utilise various platforms that require integration.


Indue is a financial service company that controls the backend systems for a lot of credit cards and prepaid card.

Lakeview Private Hospital

Lakeview Private Hospital offers skilled specialist services for patients to be able to undergo day surgery procedures without having to remain in hospital overnight, including ophthalmology, dental, urology, plastics and endoscopy.

Local Business Awards

The NSW Local Business Awards is a 25-year-old local area Awards program that has been recognising New South Wales local businesses for their hard work and growth each year.


MedHealth.  Is a purpose-built collection of health, medical and employment brands. They  have a diverse set of capabilities that range from mental health, Telehealth to there online assessments service Positivum.


RapidID is an Australian company specialising in online ID verification.  RapidID’s services offer near-instantaneous access to 65 billion identity records from 180 countries, giving clients the power to quickly and confidently evaluate nearly anyone’s identity.


Scribbles ems. are known for their passion and commitment to quality care and our educator’s endeavour to enhance all aspects of a child’s development through stimulating, nurturing, and interactive experiences during the most important stage, “the early years”.

Silk Hospitality

Silk Hospitality  is an outsource housekeeping business that has been built from a desire of giving the hotel industry quality and comprehensive service. It started from humble beginnings back in the early 1990’s and have been rapidly growing ever since.


Strawman is Australia’s premier online investment club. Using exclusive research management and networking tools, it has a community of investors that collaborate to deliver independent, accountable and actionable sharemarket research and recommendations.

The Australian Small Business Champions

The Australian Small Business Champions Awards are an annual all-encompassing awards program which recognises organisations that demonstrate the core values of business innovation, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, experience management and many more.

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