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Technology Consulting and Professional Services

Investing in robust, agile and secure technology is among the most crucial decisions industry leaders can make to support their organisation. Strategic planning, thorough analysis and well-structured implementation are essential ingredients to realising the full benefits of these technology investments.

Experience Digital has been assisting businesses to make the best technology decisions for over 10 years. Our expert team provide support across a range of systems and offer a holistic approach tailored to the unique blueprint of your organisation.

In addition, Experience Digital provides an exceptional suite of professional services directed at supporting existing and new initiatives, revealing actionable insights, reinvigorating customer experiences and driving lead generation.

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How Technology Consulting and Professional Services Add Value

Whether you are weighing up technology options or adopting a formal cybersecurity framework to protect your organisation, with Experience Digital, you can draw on expertise from consultants, strategists and technologists to unlock maximum value and address complex challenges while driving towards new opportunities.

Our team will work with you to identify your tech-related goals and provide you with targeted strategies needed to achieve them. We ensure a smooth transition across platforms so businesses can swiftly reap the benefits of the latest tech innovations.

Similarly, our professional services can rejuvenate your operations by streamlining your project management, managing costs and boosting customer experience so you can maintain focus on growth.


We Support You In All Stages Of Technology Consulting and Professional Services
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Technology Consulting:

We offer consulting services in a range of domains including:

Integrating digital technologies into your organisation can revolutionise your business operations and the way you interact with clients.
A strategic approach to data management is key to ensuring that the value of your data is available now and in the future. Management strategies can include modelling of data lakes, data migration to modern schemas and sanitisation.
Building insight into customers, business operations and trends is how modern organisations improve decision-making and outperform their competitors.
Flexibility, scalability and security are compelling factors for businesses considering cloud migration. Our consultants will help you arrive at the best infrastructure for your unique business needs. More on Cloud Infrastructure here.
Cybersecurity is critical to any modern organisation. Our highly experienced consulting team can assist with all your data and asset security needs.
Deciding on the right technology for your organisation can be an overwhelming task. We assist you in identifying the most relevant technology for your business and provide support as you integrate with your current systems.
The automation of manual processes enables your organisation to collect data that will help to identify and implement performance improvements and detect real-time issues.

Professional Services:

We provide expertise and personnel to support the successful delivery of digital services including:

The bedrock of any thriving organisation is effective project management and our team can assist you in developing careful planning, focused leadership and valuable outcomes.
In-depth analysis of your business data results in actionable insights that will make your organisation more productive and competitive.
Improving customer and user experience will maximise conversion rates and reduce churn. Our experienced team can assist you in elevating user interaction with your business.
Effectively convey your brand, organisation, product or service to your target audiences and use the power of visual design for greater aesthetic appeal and improved usability.
Through scoping, blueprinting and delivery management, our team can ensure that your organisation's services are optimised for providers and recipients alike. By visualising service components, we assist organisations in identifying potential complexities while making sure that service goals are met.

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