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Alexandre Girard

Alexandre Girard

Co-Founder, Entrepreneur & Mentor

Key Topics

  • Alex’s journey launching a rideshare business and dealing with big competitors
  • How the sheer imporance of the interpersonal skills of negotiation and having the ability to ‘sell yourself’ are often vastly underrated
  • Why doing extensive market research before launching in a new geographical market is key to ensure alignment in product-market fit
  • Co-founding & launching Upflowy, a SAAS platform designed to assist in automating sign-up flows to increase conversions and why not ‘re-inventing the wheel’ is key to success
  • Will technology continue to make human-centred jobs redundant in the coming years?
  • How Alex’s technical background has impacted his decision making – both in its capability to drive analytical thinking and recognise the how, whilst also providing disadvantages in the realm of decision bias


  • 0:04: Introduction to Sips with Startups & our guest Alexandre Girard, Co-Founder of Upflowy and his experience in launching multiple startups as well as sharing valuable advice with us
  • 1:24: Alex’ biggest startup setback launching Backseat, Uber’s first Australian competitor, and the unfortunate reality of failing to convince investors of the value proposition
  • 3:06: Holly reflecting on Didi’s launch in Australia in March 2020; considering consumer decision making and how priorities and personal values feed into this process heavily
  • 4:16: The underrated importance of convincing and negotiation skills as a co-founder. Learning how to ‘sell yourself’ and reinforcing the significance of finding market gaps and niche value propositions
  • 4:47: Why doing extensive market research before launching in a new geographical market is key to ensure alignment in product/ market fit
  • 6:41: Chatting about the ‘why’ behind launching Upflowy, and how launching involved not ‘re-inventing the wheel’, but innovating
  • 7:44: Will technology routed in AI/ ML make more and more human-centred jobs redundant in the coming years?
  • 8:25: Why having an understanding of a coding language or the process of coding is integral to drive great insights into technology’s power in business
  • 9:08: COVID as the catalyst for a rise is technology’s grippold in business, although, recognising the key differentiator with humans and machines is having a creative mindset
  • 10:27: How having a technical background influences decision-making – allowing for him to pinpoint the how rather than just the why and execute on decisions faster, shortening the feedback loop. The disadvantage of this mindset being the associated bias related to feeling in capable of dreaming too big
  • 12:47: How collaborating is integral for founders to maximise awareness and provide further context into the problem statement and solution
  • 13:49: How funding has impact his startup journey
  • 14:37: Alex’s key piece of (very robust) advice he’d give to founders


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