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Jessica Baird Walsh

Jessica Baird Walsh

CEO, Co-Founder & Angel Investor

Key Topics

  • The rationale behind ‘culture-as-a-service’ and Remote Social launching peak-pandemic as a peak service offering to build culture in remote & hybrid teams
  • Jess’ rich, diverse experience throughout her ‘non-linear’ career; How, in hindsight, she feels that this prepared her extremely well to run her own business and truly empathise with her customers and stakeholders
  • Discussing the importance of considering culture as a keystone in your businesses success by building your team into your companies core mission & how Remote Social fosters this
  • How the perception of ‘WFH’ has evolved over the past 18 months and how it empowers productivity in your employees
  • Why diversifying your Cap Table & broader leadership team is crucial (and backed by data) to not only achieve equality and diversify your offering but also plunge your business to success
  • How Jess navigating the ‘overnight fame’ and strong success of her first startup, the global e-commerce brand Atelier/Child


  • 0:07: Introduction to Sips with Startups & our guest Jessica Baird-Walsh, the Co-Founder of Remote Social, an entrepreneur and angel investor.
  • 0:36: Jess tell us what she’s sipping and her tea obsession
  • 1:13: How Jess fits into the startup eco-system- co-founding Remote Social, an early-stage startup, her interactions within the tech ecosystem & participation in incubator program, Antler
  • 1:57: Jess’ participation in Antler
  • 2:06: The idea and timing behind Remote Social’s launch in 2020, and how it operates to build culture in remote & hybrid teams
  • 3:30: The concept of ‘cultre-as-a-service’ & how culture impacts a businesses’ success & longevity
  • 3:55: The importance of building your team into your companies mission by providing tools to implement architecture for internal culture
  • 5:19: The psychology behind ‘WFH’ and how it empowers employees and increases their levels of productivity
  • 5:46: The benefits and downfalls of working from home
  • 6:04: Jess’ experience with investing as a first believer at Startmate
  • 6:20: Jess’ rationale for becoming an angel investor & how it’s routed in achieving diversity and equality by empowering female entrepreneurs & investors in the stage startup ecosystem
  • 7:15: Explaining the Startmate First Believer’s Program and how it educates participants on early-stage investing
  • 7:39: Women supporting women & how female-led companies are on the rise!
  • 8:01: The importance of having diversity on your Cap table & broader team for success of your business
  • 8:45: How Jess’ studies and diverse experiences throughout her ‘non-linear’ career helped her feel prepared for a variety of all the facets of being a founder
  • 9:45: Jess’ belief that Entrepenuership, as a path, chooses people as opposed to people choosing entrepreneurship
  • 10:47: Incporating the mindset of gratitude – that no role or experience is in vain in relation to your career as you’re always learning
  • 11:10: Being a culture-add as opposed to a culture-fit, and the vast importance of employing empathy
  • 12:33: Chatting about Atelier/Child, Jess’ first startup, and how it was so heavily recognised within the influencer & celebrity space
  • 13:13: The reality Jess faced with managing a global e-commerce business
  • 14:14: What’s next for Jess? Balancing being a founder & mother


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