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The AWS Well-Architected Framework includes five main pillars to assist you in creating workloads that serve their key purpose. As an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner specialising in Well-Architected Reviews, we hold the expertise to help you navigate your business needs and save on unnecessary spending. 

A cost-optimised workload utilises all resources, achieving desired business outcomes whilst operating at the lowest price point to meet functional requirements.
AWS releases thousands of updates annually. It’s crucial to consistently review your architecture to ensure it is secure, reliable and efficient.

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Leveraging the AWS Well-Architected Framework Pillars

The AWS Well-Architected Framework comprises of six pillars encompassing a range of guiding principles.

Operational Excellence

Focus on running and regularly monitoring systems to continually improve processes. This includes automating changes, responding to events and defining key standards to manage daily operations.


Focus on protecting information and systems within your workloads. This includes monitoring the confidentiality and integrity of data, managing user permissions, and establishing controls to detect security events.

Cost Optimisation

Focus on avoiding unnecessary costs by continuously monitoring spending, controlling allocation of funds, selecting correct types and quantities of resources and easily scaling to meet business needs without overspending.

Performance Efficiency

Focus on clear streamlining and allocation of IT and computing resources This includes monitoring performance and optimising resources as workload requirements evolve.


Focus on workloads performing their intended functions and promoting a quick recovery from failure to meet demand. This includes distributed system design, recovery planning, and adapting to changing requirements.


Focus on minimizing the environmental impacts of running cloud workloads. This includes leveraging a shared responsibility model for sustainability, understanding impact, and maximizing utilization to minimise required resources as well as their downtime.

Are you Well-Architected?

So how does this translate into cost saving?

The AWS Well-Architected Framework provides a comprehensive set of resources including guiding principles, white papers and industry-specific tools. This Framework acts as best practice documents to utilise when reviewing your architecture.

Workloads, best practices and customer needs evolve over time, therefore  a Well-Architected review is not a one-time check. AWS recommends workloads be reviewed 6-12 monthly, at a minimum, depending on the nature of your workload.

What does it involve?

Undertaking a Well-Architected Review is a systematic approach to evaluate your architecture that identifies issues and opportunities within your environment.

During the Well-Architected Review, a cloud architect will take a collaborative approach to extensively review your workloads and architecture against the Well-Architected pillars and best practices, identifying improvements that can be made to reduce risks and increase value in a detailed report. You can act upon these results to remediate any outstanding issues.

Completing a Well-Architected Review allows for major cost savings, identification and remediation of vulnerabilities and improvement in the overall efficiency of your architecture.

What is the AWS Well-Architected Framework?

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Need help getting started?

Let’s get started – we’re here to help!

At the moment, we’re offering an exclusive package in collaboration with AWS to help you optimise your workloads. This consists of Well-Architected Review completed by our Experience Digital team and $5,000 of AWS credits for remediation*.

*Pending 25% or more of HRI’s are solved.

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