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Announcing our Partnership with Ingram Micro

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As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, our dedication to strengthening the Partnership with AWS has continued over the past decade. We jump at any opportunity to further our knowledge, skillset and offering within the AWS universe. After all, our ultimate goal is to help our customers solve their hardest problems with the right digital solutions.

Therefore, upon the announcement of the strategic collaboration agreement between AWS and Ingram Micro Cloud, we were intrigued, to say the least.

Ingram Micro Cloud operates as an extension of the AWS Partner Network (APN) offerings, as a distributor providing a dedicated end-to-end service to drive enablement, training and more.

One of our guiding principles here at Experience Digital is to work collaboratively with our customers to achieve their desired outcomes. With this in mind, it only made sense to leverage Ingram Micro Cloud for their IaaS offering to explore further possibilities to help optimise our customers operations.

Experience Digital began their journey with Ingram Micro in 2021, operating as strategic cloud allies and allowing us to provide a deeper level of support to our growing AWS customer base. Here’s why AWS partners, like Experience Digital, partner with Ingram Micro.

This collaboration fosters the ability to streamline how Experience Digital’s customers manage their AWS billing process, as well as offering competitive pricing and enhanced offerings. Integrating their customers across to the Ingram Micro platform allows for greater operation, visibility and optimisation of their billing process.

The team at Ingram Micro help boost credibility and trust with our customers. Combining Experience Digital’s expertise with Ingram Micro’s credibility allows us to further extend our reach.

We continue to build our capability and connections to help more customers thrive in the digital world. Reach out today if you need help on your cloud journey.

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