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Covid-19 in a Digital World

Has Covid-19 turbocharged the digitization of business?

The world before Covid-19 was already moving quickly, now the world seems to have completely lost its ability to move at a reasonable speed. Organizations that once planned their strategy at a three-year to five-year phase have little choice now but to scale in a matter of weeks and months. This crisis has presented us with a glimpse into a new world, in which digital has become essential to every form of communication, forcing businesses to adapt. A world in which agile methods of working are a necessity for meeting daily changes. A future in which digital systems become the primary form of engagement and automated processes become the driving force for productivity – and the source of flexible, open and steady supply chains. 

Are there any positives we can apply?

If there is a silver lining, it might be in the diminishment of obstacles to improvisation and innovation that have emerged among clients, markets and organizations. The ways they learn from and adapt to today’s crisis will deeply influence their performance in tomorrow’s changing world, providing the opportunity to retain greater agility as well as closer ties with clients, employees, and suppliers. In this unique moment, companies can learn and progress more quickly than ever before. Those that are successfully able to make the transition will more likely be successful during the recovery.

So, what now? 

It is time to reconsider digital capabilities—those that provide support to employees, clients and the stakeholders to which corporations are increasingly responsible for – and to those that position you for a post-Covid-19 world. A place in which some things will go back to their prior form, while others will be forever changed. Playing it safe now, understandable as it might feel to do so, is often the worst option.

If you feel like your business is unable to keep up with the speed of this changing landscape remember that you’re not alone. At Experience Digital our team is at the forefront of digital change and would be happy to assist with your digital transformation. 


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