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Experience Digital Launch

It’s not very often we get to design something just for us. Unveiling our brand new digital experience… we couldn’t be more proud.

In late 2015, not entirely sure of the date, I was sitting with Dave in his office and we were discussing various strategies of presenting ourselves to clients. Primarily, we were looking at better ways of presenting our documentation.

Documentation is a dry word for dry work. We take pride in our proposals which are detailed expositions of our vision for the client’s solution. Still, we felt that, being a design company we should try and take it to another level.

It was during this discussion that Dave turned to me and said “Have you seen this? We own the domain ‘experience digital’, isn’t that cool?”.

Jazzing up our proposals was an idea we decided against. A proposal is meant to a serious, dry document.

What actually came out of that meeting was Experience Digital.

Fast forward to early 2016 and we have begun work on our brand new website. It’s exciting. We can put in place all the things we have recently learned about the latest design and development technologies, we can rebrand, start fresh. There is a feeling like spring cleaning that comes with a brand new website, and we all caught the bug.

As a team we sat down to plan out exactly what we wanted from the site… And that’s about as far as it went for a good long while.

Fortunately, from a business point of view we were graced with several large and all consuming projects which necessarily diverted our resources from the Experience Digital brand. It is fair to say that our website, being a digital agency, is a very important piece of our marketing strategy. However, our clients will always come first.

The website development and design was placed on hold while we grappled with these exciting new projects, many of which will soon be unveiled.

In March 2016 we were able to divert some resources back to our website. Watching it take form was a sincere pleasure. Being able to provide content was a privilege. This is something which we have all been a part of, something which really does reflect the values, the care, the dedication and the joy we feel in working at Experience Digital.

We are so thrilled to be able to finally unveil and publish it for you all to see.

We have a little ceremony here whenever a project is launched. We have a nerf gun battle, which helps us celebrate the incredibly hard work we have put into a project, and the success we have experienced as a team.

So, if you will excuse me I have some colleagues to shoot with foam bullets. While I do so, please, enjoy exploring our site. If you like it, feel free to drop us a comment through the contact us feature. It would mean the world to us.

Warm regards,

Tom Angove – Experience Digital

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