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Key Metrics to Measure Digital Transformation Success

Stephanie Overby, an award-winning reporter and editor recently wrote a great article highlighting 10 key metrics to measure ongoing digital transformation success. It was an insightful read, and in this article, we aim to summarise those metrics for you. The full article is available here and we hope that you find it useful.

Metrics that may provide direction and opportunity include:

  1. Ongoing value realization where the initial ‘big bang’ digital transformation is replaced by continuous transformation improvements.
  2. Ensuring that Cloud-native tools and automation learn from staff so that end-to-end processes benefit from, and respond to, a dynamic business.
  3. Matching revenue to specific marketing activities in order to reduce churn, increase stickiness, and improve UX.
  4. Enhancing new customer acquisition by converting product trials to repeat purchasers.
  5. Utilising digital transformation and associated data to enable the organisation to identify and capture new opportunities and innovation.
  6. Using AI and ML to actualize the organisation’s ‘digital dreams’ and embed these processes into strategy, structure, architecture and delivery.
  7. Improving employee experience and enhancing productivity by using digital processes to drive better life/work balance.
  8. Embracing digital transformation initiatives to capture and improve opportunities for sustainability throughout the organisation – thereby improving employee and customer experience, brand halo and a stronger bottom line.
  9. Finding mutually beneficial opportunities in the organization’s ecosystem to connect products and services.
  10. Monitoring the various digital channels by which customers find and interact with you – and to adjust strategy accordingly – to stay ahead in a very competitive landscape.

Your initial digital transformation has now made way for continuous digital-enabled opportunities. Ongoing innovation, vigilance and commitment – together with an experienced technology solutions partner – are more important than ever.

If you feel like your business is unable to keep up with the changing digital landscape or you need help with further strengthening your digital infrastructure, remember that you’re not alone. At Experience Digital our team is at the forefront of digital change and would be happy to assist with your digital transformation.

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