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LAUNCH: A new program designed for Startups to receive up to 50% off AWS Services

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Experience Digital has launched a new program for Startups to receive a boost in funding specifically for AWS services. This exclusive and exciting initiative offers the startup community the opportunity for up to 50% subsidy, up to $6,000, on AWS services delivered by Experience Digital.

This initiative has been curated through the identification of a distinct gap in the market for tailored, packaged offerings targeted specifically at startups. Designed to assist established, emerging or evolving startups who seek a cloud-based, all-in-one solution, Experience Digital shares our expertise through a range of offerings.

Experience Digital have launched this initiative as an AWS preferred startup partner due to our deep understanding and experience of the startup ecosystem. The offerings allow AWS customers to speed up their software development process at a low cost.

Transforming business ideas into business growth, we at Experience Digital have veterans on the team who can assist startups in building the foundations, promoting a solution-driven mindset and automating their delivery. We understand the challenges that startups can and have been faced with, as our portfolio of startup customers sits at over 150+ and growing.

AWS Offerings

These offerings target common challenges faced by startups. Whether that be time-sensitive technical upgrades, gaps in team knowledge and expertise or a complete capability assessment. These packages aim to equip startups with the capability to optimise and streamline their business operations, assisting in the areas of scaling, integration or security.

Bespoke packages are also on offer, which includes an in-depth 1:1 workshop with a senior executive to assess current business concerns and discuss solutions. Centred strongly around improvement, assistance and implementation – Experience Digital further provides the opportunity to customise a Statement of Work to suit your business needs. The bonus is that 50% of the total cost is subsidised!

Our package offerings supply tailored support to startups throughout their business journey. Categorised by stages of the funding process, packages have been adapted to align with the requirements of startups within the pre-accelerator and accelerator phases.

The five available set price packages address a range of areas for opportunity, from the $475 Quick Start bundle which will give your business legs – including set-up of your AWS account and domain name. Stepping up to Go-To-Market package at $1,680 which incorporates UX into the offering, including wireframe construction, single-page website design and logo guidance to equip you with the confidence to go live. The Engineer package utilises our talented developer’s knowledge base to work closely with you in formulating your Git account and strategy, as well as supporting your chosen deployment strategy, for only $3,595.

For startups in the accelerator phase with fast-approaching deadlines, our Dev Overflow package makes use of our experienced developers who’ll undertake a complete capability assessment and implementation of feature updates.

Alternatively, if assistance is only necessary within the realm of DevOps, we’ve designed a tailored package that encompasses a full assessment as well as assistance with integration or optimisation in the chosen category to provide overall improvement within the development process. Both packages will only set you back $6,000, with half of the cost subsidised. And lastly, Bespoke packages – do you know what you need? Let us know.

All packages here

Startup State of Mind

Coming from humble roots ourselves, startups are in our blood. Experience Digital has 10+ years of extensive experience delivering high-quality innovative solutions for startups. We have first-hand experienced the struggles, and overcome the pitfalls & challenges our clients constantly present to us, and we know how to set in place the framework to triumph through these over time. We act as subject matter experts, offering to share our expertise to help pave the way forward for startups, kickstarting their businesses to thrive in the digital era.

Ten years ago, our founder Dave Theodorou, with a relatively inexperienced background in IT, but a foundational mindset for operations attempted to engage with an agency to build some software.

Needless to say, it was a (dare I say it) s*** experience and he felt he could do better.

Ten years later, Experience Digital has grown to a team of over 50+ globally with clients all over the world and has helped hundreds of start-ups including some to acquisition creating millions of dollars in value.

I’m immensely proud of my team for the work we’ve done building web platforms. It’s a tough gig being responsible for people’s – business dreams, ideas, and/or babies – however, you wish to describe your startup, and that comes with risks. I think our honest approach is what really separates us from other vendors. We become part of the team, and we really love the pride that comes with seeing the success of the clients we work with.– Dave Theodorou – Founder, Experience Digital

The program focuses on provisioning foundational infrastructure, assisting to build a solid foundation for up and coming businesses. We pride ourselves on automating service delivery, promoting scalable long-term solutions that can be easily replicated, fostering longevity and business prosperity.

The AWS Advantage

So what’s the catch?

The key differentiating factor with this specific initiative is the up to 50% subsidy of up to $6,000 for startups utilising AWS services. Subject to approval, the packages are available for startups seeking assistance to digitally thrive – though, there are no hidden terms. The Fund Request will be submitted and will be subjected to approval, with a 30 day delivery period – it is as simple as that.

Experience Digital is ready to assist you in cloud transformation. As one of five partners nationally having been certified in implementing AWS Lambda as a cloud solution – we have proved ourselves as experts when it comes to serverless architecture. Combined with our experience in startups cited above, we’re here, powered by AWS, to deliver affordable, long-term value to the startup community.

Due to our clear alignment with AWS in regards to our business values, we are here to share our technical expertise and leverage AWS’ world-class cloud services to future-proof new businesses, as we enter the fourth technical revolution.

Next Steps

If you feel a looming deadline, but don’t feel quite prepared, perhaps not 100% technically equipped to overcome, this initiative acts as the gateway to cut through the digital noise. Experience Digital is here to offer dedicated resources and assistance; break down the jargon and work with startups to provide a competitive advantage and drive business growth.

Take advantage of this opportunity of substantial financial assistance to evolve your business. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, visit our site to fill in the form and our team will be in contact to help bridge the gap between you and your businesses success.

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