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Navigating the World of Serverless Architecture & Becoming Certified in AWS Lambda Service Delivery

Using AWS Lambda to Transition to Serverless Computing 

It’s no secret the demand for serverless computing has increased exponentially in recent years, with 92% of an organisation’s IT environment at least somewhat in the cloud today, according to IDG. For more information on the significant advantages and benefits of transitioning to serverless, read our blog here.

With the drive to migrate resources to serverless solutions to optimise business performance, the options seem endless. Several cloud providers are in the running for your business, including AWS, Microsoft & Google – just to name a few.

Though most serve the principal goal of digitising business operations; amongst its numerous benefits, what most sets AWS’ Lambda platform apart from alternate cloud solutions is the pay for use billing model. Lambda offers flexible resource models, removing the inconvenience of having to estimate demand, often resulting in expensive and idle compute capacity.

Since its inception in 2014, AWS Lambda has offered high-availability serverless architecture. The service essentially manages all administration through automation and simplifies the capability for integration. This includes auto-scaling and updates allowing Lambda to streamline your business operations whilst (most importantly) mitigating risk.

The AWS Lambda Service Delivery Certification 

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Experience Digital have utilised Lambda as an extremely valuable solution across multiple customer projects. As a result of deep expertise and demonstration of successful customer delivery within the field, in February 2021 we were validated in AWS Lambda Service Delivery.

Don’t be fooled though – to receive this certification, AWS Partners must undergo service-specific, rigorous technical validation by AWS Partner Solutions Architects. This includes a review of architecture, customer documentation, and customer case study details to ensure AWS best practices are adhered to.

“AWS Lambda is at the centre of event-driven serverless architectures and our validated AWS Lambda Partners and Products are ready to support and accelerate your modernisation journey.”
– Santiago Cardenas -Global Technology Lead, AWS Serverless Partners

This is no easy feat, and many businesses find this very challenging to accomplish, with Experience Digital being only one of five Australian AWS partners attaining this. Given our 10 years of experience with AWS, as a team, we were able to overcome many requirements quite quickly due to our extensive internal documentation. This was extremely valuable for this certification and allowed us to fulfil requirements promptly alongside business as usual projects and activities. Upon receiving our AWS Lambda Certification, we certainly celebrated our next milestone as an AWS Partner.

Features & Functions

One of the key categories of cloud computing is the concept of Function as a Service (or FaaS) offerings. Lambda leads in this category, exemplifying management of application functionality without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure, typically associated with app development.

The use cases for Lambda are vast, with Lambda functioning to improve file processing, interpret data analytics, back-end website routing and click processing within a custom-built mobile application. Lambda operates as stateless, with no underlying infrastructure, increasing operational agility.

This promotes seamless integration with other AWS resources, such as Cloudwatch for automatic logging and Amazon S3 storage.

The core components of Lambda are functions and event sources. With the opportunity to ‘bring your own code’, transitioning operations to Lambda is easy, as all coding languages are supported. AWS takes care of seamlessly deploying your code, managing the maintenance, administration and security.

As a global standard, security is a paramount focus for AWS. Optimisation of multiple global Availability Zones guarantees the fault tolerance of your data and mitigates any downtime. This downtime mitigation equates to vast monetary savings associated with loss of business – a win-win!

With Lambda’s built-in integrated security model, you can optionally leverage further security preferences within the AWS portfolio, including IAM and custom security groups. More on how alternate AWS services can be leveraged in synchronicity can be found in this APN article.


AWS Lambda Partners provide services and tools that help customers build or migrate their solutions to a microservices architecture running on serverless computing. Here at Experience Digital, we specialise in helping businesses thrive in the digital era, managing the ‘how’ so that you can focus on the ‘why’.

Leverage focused experience and best practices in AWS Lambda on your transition to serverless by outsourcing to Experience Digital to drive innovation. For those already invested in the world of serverless resourcing, there is always an opportunity to maximise your current AWS Lambda investment. Accredited in the delivery of Lambda, the customer benefit further lies in increased purchasing confidence. Knowing Experience Digital has undergone a rigorous approval process to become validated ensures only the highest level of reliability, security and technical capability by AWS themselves.

You can learn more about the benefits of working with a Lambda-certified AWS Partner here. Our team demonstrates the expertise and capability to confidently tailor our approach in alignment with the individual project requirements.

Reach out to Dillon, Director of Sales to find out how we can help your business:

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