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Trust The Process, Consistency Through Simplicity

I think most of us would agree that consistency makes it easy to deal with the world. However, too much consistency can inhibit creativity, so it’s important to find that balance. On top of that, it’s equally important to invest time and money in innovation and digital transformation.

Baking these key ingredients into your business model will lower your risk of losing customers to more innovative competitors.

I recently interviewed  Trust The Process, to gain a better idea of what they have done to incorporate these key elements and how it has helped them adapt, simplify and overcome obstacles in today’s environment.


Trust the Process is a business consultancy that helps Australian small business owners increase their profits and reduce costs through streamlining their business, outsourcing repetitive work and implementing virtual assistants. Veterans and Co-Founders, Peter Liston and Matthew Moseley started Trust the Process to help bring simplicity into other business owners’ lives.

About the Platform 

To simplify their processes, Matthew and Peter worked with Experience Digital to integrate their Customer Relationship Management system into their newly developed website. This collaboration has allowed Trust The Process, to deep dive into their customer’s interactions throughout the sales pipeline.

In a recent interview with the Australian Government, Co-founder Peter Liston elaborated on their web-based platform:

“Trust the Process is how we aim to turn chaos into order. We focus on systemising businesses and integrating offshore virtual assistants into Australia. We feel that there’s now an incredible opportunity for growth purely because there are very few people operating in this space.” 

Success for a small business is heavily dependent on the founder, or key decision-makers, and Trust The Process is designed to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown. The platform supports the business by providing a virtual assistant to complete the tedious administration tasks and subsequently ‘free up’ capacity for the revenue-generating tasks such as stakeholder engagement and communication, account management and sales pipelines.

Why did Trust The Process require Digital Transformation? 

In the era of digital transformation, it is imperative to have a presence that loudly states what a business does, and can do in the future. Previously, Trust The Process had a website with no interaction or digital functionality and required three different elements of digital transformation.

Experience Digital recognised that Trust The Progress had an incredible product – that the world needed to know about. This was a process of workshopping with the key founding team to determine who they are, what they do and how they do it.

Through strong collaborations, innovation and help from the in-house development and design team, they were able to conceptualised and built a website that epitomised their brand and services. This was done by showcasing simplicity, clarity of detailed web design and thought-provoking content.

The emphasis on simplicity was to ensure that Trust The Processes clients could immediately determine how simple business can be when done right – To remove them from the administrative chaos towards the important functions of their business.

What’s next for Trust The Process? 

Utilising this new, strong online presence, Trust The Process will be implementing a digital marketing strategy with Experience Digital’s support. The initial approach will include online advertising through Google Adwords and various social media campaigns.

The logical progression to build an online presence through digital transformation was outlined through three stages:

  1. A clean, simple website that shared the business message with clarity
  2. An automated, integrated CRM to assist the team when traction began
  3. A digital marketing strategy to further drive traffic and traction to the website

So, in the end, we need to be looking at adapting to the changes that have been presented if we want to thrive in the digital era.

If your business is going through a similar phase of change and you would like to understand more about our approach, please connect with me at for more information.

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