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Xero – Our Accounting Platform

Xero – Accounting Platform

Experience Digital has a threefold relationship with Xero, first as a user, second as a reseller and finally as a development integration partner of the online accounting platform.

Our journey with Xero began, as most businesses do, as a business user while trying to navigate the stormy waters of the startup phase..

Xero – The User Journey

We started using Xero very early in the story of Experience Digital (then Black Nova Digital).

Xero allowed us to set up our invoicing, manage our staff, process payroll and access a wide range up up-to-date reports. It was accessible via the web (allowing the owners to access information from anywhere in the world), easy to use, intuitive and provided an immense amount of functionality for a small subscription fee.

Making decisions requires accurate information and the ability to see the current financial position of the company (including updated bank account balances on a daily basis), provided an extremely important tool as a small business owner. In addition, the ability to perform a variety of accounting functions on one platform was extremely time effective and allowed us to concentrate on trying to grow the business.

Of all the features of Xero, the invoicing/account keeping function is by far the most useful for us. The ability to create and manage invoices to clients, track payments, immediately identify outstanding amounts and even set default service arrangements is extremely important for a business that has varied revenue streams.

As we grew accustomed to the system, so Xero grew in functionality. Over the years Xero has added more functionality, and we now use Xero as our superannuation payment system, as well as a quasi-intranet and reporting service, in addition to its clear account keeping function. Through Xero our employees can request leave, see leave balances, download payslips and group certificates and otherwise access pertinent information relating to their employment.

In short, our entire administration workflow is handled through the Xero platform, and we couldn’t be happier.

Xero – The Reseller Journey

Whenever we find a third party application that we trust and have total confidence in, we tend to try and partner with them. It makes good business sense; it allows us to provide our clients with exactly the kind of service they are looking for without feeling the need to build and provide that functionality in a bespoke product.

We set a certain standard for our products and when we partner with 3rd party platforms we ensure those platforms meet our high standards and provide the client with the best possible solution for their business.

Becoming a Xero reseller allowed us to impart our own experience with the platform and turn this into another product stream. The best part about it: all we had to do was tell the absolute and honest truth. Xero basically sells itself.

Thankfully, from a development point of view, it is also very easy to integrate with.

Xero – The Developer’s Journey

It’s no secret that we love building bespoke systems, especially bespoke Enterprise Management Systems. Building the kind of system that allows a business to function at peak efficiency, and automates workflows that are hours faster than they might have otherwise been and allowing business owners to focus on their business growth rather than administration… it’s a bit of a passion.

Having Xero in our bag of tricks only ever helps.

Integrating with Xero is something we are experienced in. The Xero API itself is an incredibly powerful reporting tool, allowing the flow of hugely different pieces of information enabling Xero to do some of the heavy lifting while our bespoke system tracks the rest.

Working in tandem with an integrated Xero platform is freeing; it frees us to focus on other workflows, other efficiencies. We don’t have to worry about an invoicing solution, or account keeping, payroll tracking, or a leave taking solution when Xero can track all that for us.

This ease and stability of integration, in conjunction with our own experiences with the platform make us proud to be a Xero reseller and comfortable in our recommendation to all clients that, when contemplating an accounting solution, they choose Xero for their business.

Thinking of an integrated business solution? Come to us, let us build you something amazing. Need account keeping? Don’t worry, we, and Xero, have you covered.

We Recommend Xero. If you would like to start your Xero journey please find more information here.

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