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Modernising Estate Planning with Pax Animi

The Brief

Pax Animi’s core mission is to automate the intricate process of estate planning, which is traditionally burdened by extensive lawyer consultations and high costs. While wills can be created online now, automation of something as nuanced as estate planning is a first in Australia.

The platform works by screening clients via a questionnaire with the outcome of being able to produce a legally binding estate plan that adeptly aligns with the individual context and preferences of each client.

Recognizing the limitations of their legacy system, Pax Animi saw room for improvement in the user experience (UX). They understood that better collaboration with a new technology partner could resolve previous challenges and meet their standards.

Pax Animi reached out to Experience Digital to leverage their expertise in redesigning and elevating the platform’s capabilities.


Our Approach

Adopting a greenfield project approach, the team designed a revitalised version of the platform from the ground up.

Our task involved transforming the initial prototype into an application that offers an inviting and user-friendly experience. We began with a fresh design and refined the workflows and interactions for the users (Clients, Organization, and Admins).


Screening Tool


The original application, constructed using C++, led to an unnecessarily intricate and over-engineered product. To address this, we reevaluated the system requirements and strategically planned a reconstruction. The new approach embraced a web-friendly technology stack rooted in Typescript, aligning our solution with modern industry standards.


The most complex part of the system was the document generator. Our team re- engineered this to use templates that produced fully custom legal documents for Pax Animi’s clients. This revamped system is simpler to update and efficiently utilises cloud- hosted templates. With this significant update, modifying a template is now as effortless as editing a text document, eliminating the need for intricate algorithms.


The Outcome

Our redesign delivered significant improvements for Pax Animi. The fresh design enhanced user experience, streamlining workflows for the both admins and users. The revamped document generator produced tailored legal documents, ensuring precision. No more messing around with complex algorithms since the new cloud-hosted templates now make updates effortless.



PaxAnimi® takes time, cost and stress out of will-making and estate planning. The platform provides a lawyerless, online solution to willmakers for the preparation of their will and estate planning documents if they fit a profile in the Screening Tool. 

The company was founded by three lawyers, who throughout their 35 years of experience, found out that most people want very similar things from their estate planning. 

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